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Interpolation procedure in C++

Flash\′s Photo
24 Aug 15, 12:07PM
(2 replies)
Interpolation procedure in C++
Hello All! I need a logarithmic interpolation procedure in C++. I've found http://cs.stackexchange.com/questions/25945/how-to-logarithmic-interpolation but I can't understand how to implement this via C++-code. I even don't understand what is it? Here in list of interpolation procedure example there is no such approach?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
Mxyzptlk\′s Photo
24 Aug 15, 5:34PM
Hi! A logarithmic scale simply means that values are not plotted at their "appropriate" location, but at a location proportional to the logarithm of their value.

You can find example here
Flash\′s Photo
25 Aug 15, 10:55AM
Thank you, Mxyzptlk! That is exacly what I needed!
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