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CodeCogs\′s Photo
1 May 20, 11:07PM
HI, I'm not familiar with webview and its limitations. Searching online I came across this page http://https://github.com/react-native-community/react-native-webview/issues/118.

In particular do you set: mixedContentMode="compatibility"

Can you also try some other alternatives:
  • Use SVG image, my replacing https://gif.latex?.... with https://svg.latex?....
  • Paste a base64 version of the code into webview. You can get a json string with the base64 encoding with https://gif.json?.... request. Separate our the image form the other data we send and drop this into webview, using this approach http://https://gist.github.com/lovelycateyes/1985549. I THINK !

Good luck and let us know what works. CodeCogs.
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