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Nusselt Flat

Returns the Nusselt number for a fluid going over a flat surface.
double Nusselt_flat (double Pr, double Re)[inline]

Nusselt Extpipe

Returns the Nusselt number for a fluid flowing over a pipe.
double Nusselt_extpipe (double Pr, double Prw, double Re)[inline]

Nusselt Intpipe

Returns the Nusselt number for a fluid going through a pipe.
double Nusselt_intpipe (double Pr, double Gr, double Re)[inline]


Module containing parameters used in the convective heat transfer modules.
double Prandtl (double mu, double a)[inline]
double Grashof (double mu, double beta, double dT, double L)[inline]
double Reynolds (double mu, double w, double L)[inline]


Calculates the convective heat flow per unit area of a fluid.
double flow (double lambda, double L, double dT, double Nu)