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Variations in Entropy

Changes in Entropy that occur when an Ideal Gas is subjected to both reversible and irreversible operations

The Variations Of Entropy For A Perfect Gas,


At Constant Volume:-

At Constant Pressure

For an Isothermal Operation

Entropy For An Irreversible Operation

Consider a gas changing from \inline P_1V_1T_1\;to\;P_2V_2T_2. Now since the Function of State depends upon the values of P:V:&T at 1 & 2 and is independent of the process.


Stage 1

Sketching Operations On P.v. And T.$\phi$ Graphs


The Area under the curve on a P.V. graph is the Work Done

The Area under the curve on a T.\inline \Phi graph is the heat Supplied


Constant Volume. 1 - 2

Constant Pressure 1 - 3

Isothermal 1 - 4

Adiabatic 1 - 5

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