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average and instantaneous acceleration of an object
double acceleration_avg (double vf, double tf, double v0 = 0, double t0 = 0)[inline]
double acceleration_ins (double (*v)(double), double t, double eps = 1E-6)[inline]
std::vector<double> acceleration_ins (double (*v)(double), std::vector<double> &t, double eps = 1E-6)[inline]
double acceleration_ins_space (double (*x)(double), double t, double eps = 1E-5)[inline]
std::vector<double> acceleration_ins_space (double (*x)(double), std::vector<double> &t, double eps = 1E-5)[inline]

Position Uniform

position of an object moving uniformly
double position_const_velocity (double t, double v, double x0 = 0, double t0 = 0)[inline]
double position_const_acceleration (double t, double a, double v0, double x0 = 0, double t0 = 0)[inline]

Linear Velocity and Acceleration

Introduction to linear velocity and acceleration with an emphasis on constant acceleration.

Angular Velocity and Acceleration

Angular velocity and acceleration, including centripetal and coriolis acceleration.

The Equation of Energy

The Equation of Energy for a body travelling in a straight line or under Simple Harmonic Motion


An analysis of the effects of an impact between two bodies

Simple Harmonic Motion

An analysis of the velocity and acceleration of a particle in simple harmonic motion.

Velocity and Acceleration of a Piston

An analysis of the velocity and acceleration of a piston.